Celebrating the Vision of Dr. T.D. Singh

Bhaktivedanta Institute is pleased to announce Year 2012 as Year of Science and Spirituality in honor of 75th Birth Anniversary of Institute‘s Founder and Science & Spirituality Dialogue Pioneer, Dr. T. D. Singh. The Institute plans to organize various conferences and Symposia around the world on various themes of Science and Spirituality. Many believe that world will end next year. Probably it is true. We are entering a new world - a world where cutting-edge scientific developments are interfaced with age old precious spiritual wisdom. Let‘s enter together into this new world.

Programs - to be announced soon.

Organizing conferences on science and religion

Over the last three decades, Bhaktivedanta Institute has been organizing international conferences and local symposiums on science and religion. The most recent international conference entitled "Life and Its Origin: Exploration from Scientific and Spiritual Traditions" was held last year in Rome, Italy.

Interviewing scientists and scholars around the world

The Director of Bhaktivedanta Institute, Dr. T. D. Singh, visits universities and research centers around the world and interviews leading scientists on the relation between their research and the absolute reality. He has interviewed many prominent Nobel Laureates, and scholars including Templeton Prize winner Dr. Charles Townes, and the pioneering physicist Sir Roger Penrose.

Publishing books on emerging fields at the confluence of science and religion

Conference proceedings, interviews with Nobel Laureates, the Institute's research work and journal Savijnanam: Scientific Exploration for a Spiritual Paradigm are published on an ongoing basis presenting and preserving important thoughts and quality dialogue beneficial for the exploration into the nature of reality.