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Bhaktivedanta Institute on Wheels

Promoting Dialogue between Science and Spirituality

Reaching Every Corner of the Indian Sub-continent For a rigorous advancement of science and spirituality dialogue, Bhaktivedanta Institute has launched for the first time, this pioneering and unique project — Bhaktivedanta Institute on Wheels — three custom-made motorhomes/buses, including a special 40 ft long one, all dedicated fully to extensively promote science and religion dialogue all over the Indian subcontinent. The motorhomes, self sufficient in themselves, containing their own mini library, sleeping room, small dining/discussion room, and kitchen approach every school, college and university in India and present about the constructive dialogue between science and religion. In short span of less than two years, the motorhomes have approached over 200,000 people, 275 prominent colleges and universities in more than 200 cities of India, and has distributed over 12000 books on science and religion.


Wherever the motorhomes goes, they attract a large number of visitors without any special advertisement. Wherever motorhomes reach, Bhaktivedanta Institute members in the motorhome conducts seminars and lectures on science and religion in colleges and universities, setup a display with folding stall of science and religion books, individually approach students and professors in the campuses to distribute Bhaktivedanta Institute’s publications on science and religion, give books to College libraries and invite interested students and scholars to motorhome for discussion on science and spirituality. In addition, the motorhomes setup science and religion displays at large religious festivals and scientific conferences and fairs promoting science and religion dialogue to thousands of people in a single instance. Through all these activities, the motorhomes/buses are creating an ever-expanding/growing network of scholars, scientists, students, teachers, clergy and activists dedicated to fostering the constructive engagement of science and religion.