Quantum Physics and Consciousness

4-5 Feb 2017, Rabindra Tirtha, Kolkata

  • Volume Release

    Volume Release
    Releasing the Conference Volume “Quantum Physics and Consciousness”. (Left to Right) Dr. Amit Goswami, Sri K. Vasudeva Rao, His Holiness Sri Subhag Swami Maharaj, Prof. Sudipto Ghosh (Conference Chairman), Sri Tathagata Roy (Hon'ble Governor of Tripura and Chief Guest of the Conference), Dr. B. D. Mundhra, His Holiness Swami Samvit Somgiri, Prof. Ajoy Kr. Ray and Shri Prahlad Rai Agarwal

  • Interactions

    Interactions during break

  • A K mukhopadhyay

    A K mukhopadhyay
    Cracking the hard problem - Dr. A. K. Mukhopadhyay speaking on the ineffable but blissful nature of Consciousness

  • QA session with audiences

    QA session with audiences
    Inquisitive minds ask - Question and Answers session

  • amit-goswami

    Quantum to Consciousness - Dr. Amit Goswami provoking thoughts of pursuit to Consciousness

  • Bernard Haisch

    Bernard Haisch
    Consciousness and Universe - Dr. Bernard Haisch giving a completely new approach to link consciousness and universe

  • Bharatnatyam

    Break time alias Interaction time

  • Bijoy Boruah

    Bijoy Boruah
    Delving further - Prof. Bijoy Boruah’s mesmerizing the audience with his talk on "I and Me"

  • B N Gangadhar

    B N Gangadhar
    Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness - Dr. B. N. Gangadhar linking the two through Yoga

  • Manipur Ranganiketan

    Manipur Ranganiketan
    Ranganiketan artists from Manipur presenting Ras Lila

  • Partha Ghose

    Partha Ghose
    Phenomenal Start - Dr. Partha Ghose introducing everyone with Quantum World in the very first technical session

  • Sudipto Ghosh

    Sudipto Ghosh
    Let’s talk - Prof. Sudipto Ghosh presenting an imaginative talk between a Quantum Physicist and a Spiritualist.

  • Tathagata Roy

    Tathagata Roy
    Sri Tathagata Roy, Honourable Governor of Tripura, addressing the conference delegates

Imagine a world where scientists and spiritualists join hands together to unravel the deepest mysteries of the nature, a world where science and spirituality shaking off the myths surrounding their seemingly disparate orientations, reveal the unity in their innate nature. Such a world turned into a realityon4-5February2017,when a unique conference on Quantum Physics and Consciousness was held in the city of joy,Kolkata at the beautiful venue of Rabindra Tirtha, New Town. The conference was jointly organized by Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata and Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, and witnessed a heartfelt participation by people from various corners of society,be it from Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy or even Spiritual Seekers. The wide range of themes and topics across gave the conference its splendid aura and profoundness. The expert speakers from across the country as well as abroad kept the audience fully attentive and engrossed with their presentation styles and talks. With the central theme being the understanding of the element of Consciousness through the lens of Quantum Physics, the conference was attended by over 300 participants who in turn came from IITs, IISERs, AIIMS, IISc, Jadavpur University, IACS,ISI and many other elite institutions.

The conference commenced with an inaugural ceremony at 10:00am on 4th February 2017 with chants of Prayers from Brahma Samhita, lightening of lamps and offering flowers to the photos of Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Dr. T. D. Singh (His Holiness Bhaktisvarupa Damodar Swami Maharaj) and Late Sri M. D. Mundhra Ji, by the dignitaries. The chief guest of the conference was Honourable Governor of Tripura, Sri Tathagata Roy. His Holiness Sri Subhag Swami Maharaj Ji, His Holiness Swami Samvit Somgiri Ji, Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray, Director, IIEST Shibpur and Shi Prahlad Rai Agarwal, Chairman, Rupa & Co.Ltd were the other guests of honour who were present on the dais during the inauguration session. The other dignitaries on the dais were Dr. Amit Goswami, University of Oregon, USA, Dr. Sudipto Ghosh, Chairman QPC Conference and Professor at IIT Kharagpur, Sri Vasudeva Rao, President, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata, and Dr. B. D. Mundhra, Chairman - Emeritus, Simplex Infrastructures Ltd. Dr. Sudipto Ghosh, the conference chairman, was the first to address the audience as well as the dignitaries on dais. He welcomed all along with stressing on the importance of the conference.

Prominent researchers, academicians as well as spiritual leaders and motivational speakers from India and abroad delivered about nineteen lectures on following themes:

  • What is Quantum Physics
  • Quantum to Consciousness
  • What is Consciousness
  • Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness
  • Thoughts of Founding fathers of Quantum Physics
  • Theistic Interpretations of Quantum Physics ​* Thoughts on Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Prominent eminent speakers were:

  • Prof. Amit Goswami, (Emeritus Professor) University of Oregon, USA;
  • Dr. Bernard Haisch, Astrophysicist, (formerly) University of Berkeley, USA;
  • Swami Samvit Somgiri, Bikaner;
  • Dr. Partha Ghose, (formerly) S.N.Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata;
  • Dr. B. N. Gangadhar, NIMHANS, Bangalore;
  • Prof. A.K. Mukhopadhyay, AIIMS, New Delhi;
  • Prof. Bijoy Boruah, Professor, IIT Delhi;
  • Dr. G. P. Das, Indian Association of Cultivation of Science, Kolkata;
  • Prabhat Kumar Ranjan, TIFAC, New Delhi;
  • Prof. Debashis Khan, IIT BHU;
  • Madhu Babu Prakhya, San Francisco, California, USA;
  • Dr.Sudipto Ghosh, Professor, IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Partha Ghose remarked that human perception is not just a singular but result of layers of concepts. He added that wave mechanics was born in statistics. Dr. C. P.Das enthralled the audience when he said “Data is notinformation; Information is not knowledge; knowledge is not wisdom and wisdom is not truth”. Dr. Amit Goswami shared with the audience that Consciousness is the ground of all beings and that we and all living beings are offset of a transcendental consciousness or cosmic mind. Prof. Bijoy Boruah fascinated everyone with his talk of I and Me wherein he said “You find yourself before or at least as soon as you find anything else”. A Vaishnava vedantic view on Consciousness was presented by K. Vasudeva Rao, President, Bhaktivedanta Institute. Dr. A. K. Mukhopadhyay in his talk on “​Cracking the hard problem of Consciousness” shared that Consciousness cannot be defined but it can be qualified as immortal, eternal and infinite, conceived in biology as ‘Ananda’, the ecstasy of Divine perfectness. Dr. B. N. Gangadhar stressed on the journey from Self-Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness through Yoga. Sushant Sharma while speaking on “Inimitable Intelligence” told that self referencing is a very important element of consciousness that formal mathematical systems lack. Dr. Prabhat Ranjan advocated the need of meditation to positively influence our own minds. Varun Agarwal, Director, Bhaktivedanta Institute, presented insights from fathers of Quantum mechanics and encouraged the audience to seek answers for fundamental questions. Prof.Debashis Khan presented a biographical tour on Wolfgang Pauli. Madhu Babu Prakhya spoke on Quantum Physics and Destiny and got the audience completely absorbed with his talk. He shared When you are loving, you are creating analgorithm, and God is the open source where as Nature is the operating system. Prof. Sudipto Ghosh spoke on Vedantic perspectives on Quantum Physics, making his talk interesting with an imaginary conversation between a Vedantist and a Quantum Physicist.

During all these talks, interactions between the audience and the speakers were remarkably astounding. Such interactions continued even during the meal hours. The two days conference also hosted cultural programs on both days.