Summer School

This school will include following major Courses and many sub topics in them:

i. What is mind: What mind is really and how it ‘controls’ our every act of life? How our thoughts are influenced and can be improved? If mind really is behind all our stresses and anxieties, then can a better understanding of it relieve us from tensions and help us to lead a peaceful and stress free life? … and more. space

ii. Brain and Mind: Are Mind and Brain two different entities? How they operate and interact? What advances in neuroscience can tell us about it? … and many more. space

iii. Quantum Physics and Mind: Physics has undergone tremendous advancement over the last centuries, especially the developments in quantum realm. What are these developments and how they provide clues about Mind and consciousness? … and many more. space

iv. Vedanta and Mind: The ancient wisdom contains a precious message and information about mind. What are those and how they can today provide us light, in the midst of our fast and busy lives? Let us dive and extract this jewel-like wisdom … and more


  • What is Mind  
  • Brain and Mind  
  • Vedanta and Mind  
  • Quantum physics and Mind  
  • Computation and Mind

PROGRAM   Course work

  Healthy living,Yoga and Spiritual Practice


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Program Schedule 30 May-4 June 2016


REGISTER AT: 07278329800, 033-25009018


Registration by:  Program Schedule: 30 May - 4 June 2016


Rs 1000 (students) ; 5000 (others) ( twin shared accommodation, Meals and tours included) VENUE: Nabadwip,(Near Kolkata) ( Report at: Bhaktivedanta Instiute, Mansi Apartment, RC/8, VIP Road,Kolkata. WB, India 700059


Bhaktivedanta Institute is pleased to announce its Summer School on Science and Spirituality from 25-31 May, 2015. The summer school will provide opportunity for participants to learn, share and enhance their knowledge base and delve deeper into synthesis of science and spirituality.

The summer school will take the participants deeper into foundations of science and enrich their scientific understanding. Various tours and visits to places, practices, quizzes and closer interactions with scholars and spiritualists will further enhance their spiritual experiences. The seven-day experience will engage participants in self-reflection, personality development, values-enhancements, spiritual enrichment and exposure to research areas. The event intends truly to be a food for body, mind and soul.

The school will focus on following areas: (1) God and the Laws of Physics (2) Mathematics and Spirituality (3) Cultivating Creativity – Studying creative moments of Genius Scientists (4) What is Mind? (5) Mystery of Consciousness (6) Purpose of Life (7) Science of Happiness (8) Science of Bhagavad Gita


  •   Science and Spirituality courses
  •   Healthy living,Yoga and spiritual practice
  •   Spiritual and Pilgrimage visits!
  •   Science -Spirituality Projects!
  •   Recreational Programs
  •   Quizes & Music


  •   Prof. Sudipto Ghosh, IIT Kharagpur
  •   Prof. Ramgopal U., IIT Guwahati
  •   Dr. Bhaskar Kumar, IIT Guwahati
  •   Dr. Debashish Khan IIT BHU
  •   Dr. Ramjee Repaka, IIT Ropar
  •   Dr. H.K. Mohanta, BITS Pilani
  •   B. Prabhakar, Sandisk, Bangalore
  •   Vasudeva Rao, (IIT Kanpur Alumnus), Bhaktivedanta Institute
  •   Varun Agarwal, (IIT Kanpur Alumnus), Bhaktivedanta Institute