Dear Readers,We are extremely happy to bring out the second issue of Savijnanam – Scientific Exploration for a Spiritual Paradigm, the journal of the Bhaktivedanta Institute. The first issue of the journal received a very good response and has already been reprinted twice. We are very grateful to our readers and are encouraged by their overwhelming response.

Science and Spiritual Exploration

The first article of this issue is a dialogue on ‘Science and Spiritual Exploration’ with Professor Charles H. Townes, a Nobel Laureate in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley whose basic researches in the field of experimental physics led to the discovery of the maser and laser. According to Professor Townes, Science is a search for truth. This search will greatly benefit if science is open to spiritual and mystical ideas. The dialogue touches upon some phenomena that do not have satisfactory scientific explanation but can be possibly explained with the help of spiritual/mystical ideas.

Life Comes From Life, PART II

The second article entitled, “Life Comes From Life, Part II: Consciousness, Life, and the Validity of the Bhagavadgétä Ontology” has been contributed by J. N. Srivastava, Professor of Statistics and Mathematics from Colorado State University. This article is a continuation of his previous article in the first issue. In it he makes an attempt to define life as self-conscious and beyond matter, using logical-mathematical argument and has attempted to connect this definition to the ancient wisdom given in the Bhagavadgétä.

Science and Spirituality from a Vedantic Perspective

The third article is a dialogue entitled, “Science and Spirituality from a Vedantic Perspective”, with Professor S. K. Mukherjee, a well-known chemist from India. In this article, the need for a new science has been discussed to explain certain fundamental principles of nature such as consciousness. Taking insights from Vedanta, the dialogue suggests that the new science should include spirituality in order to describe reality as well as to decide the ethics of human actions. It should also help in better understanding of a presently widely debated subject such as cloning.

A Glimpse of the Origin of the Universe

In the paper on ‘Vedanta and Science’, we present our second article in the series entitled, “Vedanta and Science – II, A Glimpse of the Origin of the Universe”. The article explores modern scientific theories in cosmology and their incompleteness in describing the origin of the universe. Thereafter, the author presents some interesting features of Vedantic theistic cosmology, which could help cosmologists in their search for the origin of the universe. He further suggests that cosmology should be an important meeting point between science and spirituality.